The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Business Leadership

As Gregg Braden says – We live in a world where everything is growing faster and faster, especially technology. So, as a vital part of this change, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly common in people and organizations’ daily lives. For example, many companies use AI as a foundation for automating processes, which is part of their daily routine.

The power of computers is growing at a tremendous rate, and artificial intelligence is already a reality, thanks to the rise of different kinds of AI applications.

Leadership in the Age of AI

A new study by Infosys found that for 45 percent of organizations around the world, AI implementations are already much more accurate and productive than similar human tasks. Leaders can’t avoid being worried about this change, but it’s essential to keep an eye on the possibilities and learn how AI can help people make better decisions in the future.

In Japan, the advertising firm McCann put a logic-based system called AI-CD in charge of creative direction, and it gave them real clients and campaigns to run for them.

Tieto, a tech company from Scandinavia, is the first company in Europe to put an AI bot in charge of a new business unit focused on data. The bot, whose name is Alicia T., can attend team meetings and vote on business decisions.

How Does It Impact Management?

In the twenty-first century, information is like oil. If a business wants to stay ahead of the competition, it must use these resources well, whether it is making them or gathering them.

But even if there is a lot of information, it is not possible for a person to look at all the data collected in the environment and try to figure out what it means.

It is crucial to get help from outside sources for AI management. AI has a lot of potential in business management, not just for processing information but also for automating repetitive tasks and improving performance.

You Will Need These Skills to Be a Good Leader in the Age of AI.

There are numerous benefits of using AI for your business. AI is transforming the way people work and putting people and machines on a new path. So, it is expected to make people more productive at work and help them make better use of their time. We live in a new time, and production, merchandising, and marketing will all change a lot because of it.

Also, customer service processes, of which chatbots are just the start, will change how work teams are led and how organizations make decisions. While we are talking about AI for leaders, let’s discuss how it helps you become one.


One of the best things about using AI to run a business is that it gives you access to privileged information based on the analyses that the chosen solution does automatically.

Quick answers

The manager can quickly see any change in the company’s market environment and respond immediately to any risk or opportunity.


It’s the leaders who will be in charge of making sure that machines, software, or devices work together with people more and more. Humanized leadership always means knowing what situations a person might be going through and analyzing or even predicting how those situations might affect their behavior, performance, or how they react.

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