The Skin Rejuvenation Experts at BeautyFULL Cosmetic Medical Clinic are Popular in the Cosmetic Industry

More and more people are turning to non-invasive cosmetic procedures to help them fight the signs of aging like wrinkles and dull skin. Public figures and average citizens alike have sought out the help of trained professionals to help them achieve their aesthetic goals of younger-looking skin and increased self-esteem.

The BeautyFULL Cosmetic Medical Clinic is an established clinic in Australia that offers rejuvenating peels and injectables to help patients enhance their skin’s overall appearance. With a staff of highly trained Practitioners, Physicians, and Cosmetic Nurses, this company has earned a reputation as a frontrunner in non-invasive cosmetic procedures in Brisbane. As a result of Dr. Margaret Scruton and Nurse Kate’s implementation of in-clinic training, BeautyFULL CMC has flourished since its inception and grown significantly. The two founders have educated and coached their cosmetic injectors to provide first-rate service and results for their patients.

BeautyFULL CMC is so committed to the success of its nurses that it has empowered some of its staff to start their own cosmetics businesses.

The BeautyFULL team is pleased to be at the forefront of this revolution in non-invasive cosmetic enhancement, along with such established companies as Allergan, Teoxane, and Galderma. By using dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, cosmetic injectables, skin-needling, skin peels, and other procedures, the clinic helps patients restore a more youthful appearance and boost their self-esteem.

About the Founders

Registered nurse Kate Sowden is well-known for her knowledge and expertise in the field of cosmetic injectables and cutting-edge facial rejuvenation techniques. Kate’s mother, Dr. Margaret Scruton, has been practicing cosmetic medicine for many years, and together they opened the BeautyFull Cosmetic Medical Clinic in 2010. Eventually, Dr. Margaret Scruton’s son, Mark Sowden, joined the family business as the Business Manager. Mark was instrumental in growing the medical clinic into the thriving cosmetic clinic it is today. Both Drs. Margaret Scruton and Kate Sowden have been practicing cosmetic medicine for over ten years. Dr. Margaret Scruton, a graduate of the University of Queensland, has been practicing medicine for over 45 years and has participated in numerous prestigious training programs. Dr. Kate Sowden has an array of credentials, including an industry certification from Allergan and diplomas from illustrious organizations, and she also taught postgraduate courses for GrayClay Medical Aesthetics Education.

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