Things To Ask Before Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

Finding the right lawyer can make you more stressed than finding your soul mate! It would help if you were very careful when hiring a lawyer, as they are the pivotal point of your lawsuit toward handsome compensation. When hiring someone, ensure that you ask the correct questions to know the lawyer better and judge them based on their qualities. A Stockton personal injury attorney has made a set of questions you must ask your lawyer before hiring them.

  • What Are Your Specialization?

There is a massive plethora of personal injury cases, and a different lawyer specializes in each type. Identify the personal injury you are dealing with. For example, a car accident attorney will help you if you have had a car accident. Likewise, ask the attorney you are having a meet about their personalization. If it matches your needs, you might ask the next question.

  • What Is Your Experience?

Ask the lawyer how long they have been practicing the specific personal injury you are dealing with. Experience can help you judge how polished your lawyer is. Apart from experience, ask your lawyer about their track record. A lawyer with 15 years of experience with a meager winning rate might not do you any good. 

Thus, experience and track record go hand in hand. Ask the lawyer the third question if you see that the lawyer has a good track record.

  • What Are Your Fees?

Personal injury cases can get very costly, depending on your needs and the complexity of your situation. Thus, it would help if you clarified the monetary obligation with your lawyer before settling for them. 

Also, ask the lawyer about any out-of-the-box expenses you will make during your lawsuit. Some lawyers will have fixed fees, while some work on contingency. Hire the one that you find most convenient. 

  • How Can I Reach You In Time Of Any Emergency?

There will be times when you need to reach out to you if there is any emergency. Ask the lawyer for their number, assuring them that you will not call them for baseless matters. Ask for their assistant or secretary’s number if the lawyer does not want to provide their number. 


When you get all the answers to these questions, and the answers satisfy you, hiring them will not be a bad idea. A personal injury lawyer is the key element of a lawsuit, ensuring that the victim is served with justice. 

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