Thor Broadcast Review

Thor Broadcast has a wide variety of products to offer. Its products can deliver AC3 Dolby Audio and broadcast both RF and IP simultaneously. Additionally, it has its own proprietary GUI and offers a wide variety of services. Its price is competitive, which is a plus. Here are some of the benefits of buying Thor Broadcast products.

Thor Broadcast offers a wide range of products

Thor Broadcast offers a wide range of video and audio converters and accessories. The company also offers a fiber transport system. They can convert any HD device to an RF output. Their products are easy to use and offer a great user interface. Customers can even customize their broadcast packages to suit their needs.

You can find Thor Broadcast products in most major cities across India. The company ships its products to more than 180 countries and has 7 global warehouses. It also offers coupons and rewards to encourage customers to buy their products. Their wide range of products can be found at affordable prices. In addition to this, Thor Broadcast has an active influencer program to promote its products. Influencers can earn money by sharing product images on social media.

Thor Broadcast offers a complete line of HD-SDI to QAM modulators. These products feature real-time HD hardware encoders, a multiplexer, and an agile RF QAM modulator. They support four HD-SDI video streams and offer low-latency operation.

It offers AC3 Dolby Audio

The AC3 Dolby Audio system from Thor Broadcast utilizes an uncompressed CMOD audio encoder series and an official licensed Dolby AC/3 audio encoding chip. This allows the system to be used more widely in the United States, where broadcasters have been influenced by manufacturers and special interest groups who wanted to keep their products proprietary. Fortunately, Thor worked with Intel to develop official licensed Dolby AC/3 chips.

The Thor Broadcast unit can be connected to any PC and is controlled via a proprietary GUI. It is easy to use and offers exceptional quality for the price. In addition, the unit can be broadcasted to thousands of televisions at once, making it a great value for your money.

It offers RF & IP simultaneously

If you are looking for the best solution for broadcasting SDI video over RF and IP, consider Thor Broadcast. They have over 20 years of engineering excellence and manufacturing experience. Their products are used in broadcasts of live video events and sports. The company also manufactures custom broadcast packages, allowing customers to choose exactly what they need for their broadcasts.

Their HD-SDI to QAM modulators combine real-time HD hardware encoders with multiplexers. They can encode up to four HD-SDI video channels and provide low-latency operation. These modulators can also process externally encoded programs.

It offers a proprietary GUI

The THOR broadcast system supports two distinct user-facing services. The first is a direct output of an analysis tool and includes machine-generated reports. The second uses an advanced graphical user interface to aid personnel in visually navigating crisis situations, especially in regions with low resources. This is an important feature for mission-critical operations.

Thor Broadcast also offers a comprehensive array of video converters and CATV solutions. In addition to this, the company offers an RF output system that enables customers to convert signals from any HD device. The proprietary GUI is easy to use and offers the customer many customization options. Further, the Thor Broadcast system includes a high-quality fiber transport system and AC3 Dolby Audio systems.

It offers discounts

Thor Broadcast has a number of ways to offer its customers discounts on their products. The retailer often offers seasonal sales and special coupons. These can save you as much as 90 percent off the regular price. The key is to be aware of these offers and take advantage of them when you shop there. You don’t want to empty your wallet when you can save that much money.

If you’re interested in saving money on audio or video equipment, you can use one of Thor Broadcast’s coupons. These codes are good for a limited time, and can only be used once. They also may not work on clearance or sale items. In addition, the codes can be case-sensitive, and some may expire after a certain period.

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