Tips for Expatriates: Sending Money Online to the Philippines from Canada

What is a Remittance to the Philippines from Canada?

When a Filipino migrant from Canada sends money to the Philippines through a source called a remittance service provider, it is labelled as remittance or international. In other words, a money transfer to the Philippines through a service provider that helps an expatriate send their hard-earned money is called remittance. If you live in Canada or any country globally, online money transfers to the Philippines will always be labelled as an international remittances. 

At present, there are many money transfer operators in the market. They provide the best exchange rate, such as the exchange rate from CAD to PKR, CAD to INR, and CAD to PHP, among others. Just as the stock exchange market helps raise the country’s economic value, international remittance is no different.

How does the Stock Exchange Market Work?

If purchased correctly, the stock exchange market can work as a magician of investment. The stock market is similar to a marketplace where various corporations index themselves, intending to make their shares accessible to a broader range of investors, i.e. you. When you become an investor, you can purchase as many stocks as you like. 

These stocks can either be from various firms to develop your investment portfolio. Prices for the share of stocks listed on the Stock Exchange vary by the purchase and sale of transactions. Simply put, your investment can either increase or decrease with the popularity of the company you invest in.

But How are Stock Market and Remittance Relatable?

According to research presented by the University of Ghana Business School, stock exchange and remittance have a connection to each other by high remittance-receiving countries and low remittance-receiving countries. In countries where the banking systems are well established and developed, there is seen as a bi-casual positive link between the stock exchange and remittance. This is the case for high-remittance recipient countries.

As for low remittance-receiving countries, remittance hurts the stock market by decreasing the development of stocks. However, in countries primarily dependent upon remittances, their stock market has a positive development factor as remittance promotes the stock market. 

In short, the relatability of the stock market and remittance depends upon the results and effects of both factors. Remittance inflows in remittance-dependent countries promote the stock market while clogging it in low-remittance-receiving countries. 

How Can Expatriates Invest in the Stock Market? 

As the famous investor Warren Buffett identifies investment in the stock market as “the process of art in which lying your money while you wait patiently for it to blossom like the summer flower in the future”. Investing in the stock market is a future investment that you can enjoy. But how can expatriates invest in the stock market, and what is the trend of expatriates’ investment in the stock market?

It is easier to say that there is only one method of investing for an expatriate, but truthfully that would be a lie. Expatriates from the Philippines in Canada can invest in the stock market in many ways. To become a good investor, you first need to know what kind of investor you are. Just like knowing your interests. When opening a brokerage account, the broker that you are trusting will guide you and ask a few simple questions:

  • What are your investment goals?

  • What intensity of risk are you willing to take? 

What is the Trend of Expatriate Investment in the Stock Market?

There are many trends that an expatriate may follow, but a few of them are listed below:

  • Online Investment Through Online Brokers

Online brokers offer two types of services to invest in the stock market; Either they use traditional brokerage services, which include financial advice related to everything about money. These brokers are named full-service brokers and usually deal with only higher-net-worth clients. Their charges are exponential and can only be afforded by high-end clients.

  • Robo-Advisory Investment 

Jon Stein and Eli Broverman of Betterment are entitled to be the pioneers of a new system of investing bots that work as your brokers. The primary purpose of this kind of broker was to use technology to lower the costs for investors and popularise investment advice. Since then, Robo-investment has been a popular trend amongst expatriates as an investment method in the stock market.

  • Investment in the Stock Market Through Your Employer

If you do not wish to spend much on a broker to invest, a popular trend amongst people on a tight budget is investing just 1% of your salary into the plan your work offers you. The retirement plan is your best choice if you take on this method. When you think this is a safer way for you to invest and less hectic, you may raise this investment with an increase in your salary. It all depends upon you.

  • Investment in the Home Country’s Stock Market

The most popular trend that expatriates follow and feel proud of is investing in their home country’s stock market. By doing so, the economic value of their country will increase as well as the value of the currency will genuinely benefit the expatriate. As there is an exchange rate benefit to investing in your home country, you may be able to make your future even more successful.

For more information on popular trends for expatriates to invest in the stock market, visit ACE Money Transfer’s website.

What is the Best Online Money Transfer Provider to Send money to the Philippines Online to Invest in your Home Country’s Stock Market?

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