Tips On Putting Together Your Wedding List

Could it be said that you are overpowered by the number of assignments you really want to finish for your wedding? How do you keep track of all the RSVPs? Gifts? Gifts?

If you want to learn Excel and organize your wedding guest lists, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed.

The bride who is capable of doing everything, who remembers Aunt Mae’s gluten allergy, and who promptly sends thank-you cards You should send the menu choices to your caterer right away. Make sure you are aware of each plus one’s name. Making your seating plan is simple.

Imagine how much simpler it will be to keep track of RSVPs, meal choices, phone numbers, and other details in a single location.

Today, I’ll show you how to use Excel to organize your wedding guests. More than just sending a list of different blank wedding invitations, your invitations can be accomplished with this. It can also be used to track final headcounts and RSVPs. Seating charts and thank-you notes are also possible.

In Excel, organize your wedding guest list this way. By downloading my Wedding Guest List Excel Sheet Template, you can also skip the DIY. Simply complete the following form.

How To Use Excel To Organize Your Wedding Guest List?

Organizing your wedding guest lists is easier than making last-minute plans. For creating your wedding guest lists, Excel and Google Sheets are superior to Word or paper. Excel makes it simple to keep track of all events, including your rehearsal dinner and wedding shower.

Open an Excel file on your computer to begin. Create columns like these next:

  1. Name of the visitor
  2. Address
  3. Telephone Number
  4. Email Address
  5. Gift Description 
  6. RSVP 
  7. Restrictions on Dietary Consumption 

These are just a few suggestions for column names. It’s possible that you have different column names.

1. For Each, You Can Use Separate Columns: Address, city, state, and zip code of the street.

Professional printers may require separate columns for names and addresses if you want your address collection printed. I set up my address printing envelopes this way. This is a less difficult method for doing it than utilizing one bookkeeping sheet.

To view all addresses without having them all in a single column, this method is elegant and simple.

2. Change The Cells In The Zip Code Column To “Zip Code” Or “Text.”

Zip codes that begin with “0” can have the zero removed from them by Excel. If you have guests coming from the northeastern United States, a “01102” can suddenly become an “1102.” It’s simple to fix. You will be able to select the entire column for the zip code using Excel. After that, select format, cells, special, and zip code.

One segment ought to be for “quantities of visitors welcomed”, and one more for “quantities of visitors joining in”.

If you limit the number of guests, you will need to add two columns. The number of invited guests will be displayed in the first column, and the number of attendees will be listed in the second column. This will make it simple to follow the number of seats that were held in the distinction of somebody.

3. Add A Separate Column To Indicate How Many Kids Are Attending.

Include a column that lists the number of children who will be attending your wedding if it is child-friendly. If you intend to provide a children’s menu or a table at your wedding, this will come in handy.

4. Get The Names Of All Your Guests

Include the phrase “Guest of Mr. John Doe” on your place cards and seating charts, which can make your guests feel uneasy. Get the names of all your guests, even the “Plus Ones.” At your wedding, everyone should feel at home. It’s more intimate. When they RSVP, or at least three to four weeks before the wedding, ask your plus one to give you their name.

5. Describe Any Dietary Restrictions That Guests Must Adhere To.

Send your caterer an Excel list of guests who have dietary restrictions or allergies.

6. For Each Wedding Event, Create A Brand-New Excel “Sheet.”

The event should be written on the label of each Excel sheet. A separate Excel sheet should be used for the rehearsal dinner and the “wedding” event. You will be able to record the gifts that each guest brought to your wedding showers and keep track of who attended. 

The hosts could demand a visitor book that remembers contact data for every occasion for requests to convey solicitations or other correspondence.

7. Make Sharing Your Excel Sheet Simple By Converting It To A Google Sheet.

You can easily share information about your wedding guests with everyone by converting your Excel spreadsheet to a Google Sheet. Your caterers and wedding planners, as well as anyone else involved in the day’s preparations, can access your Google Sheet. It’s a great way to keep in touch with everyone.

Check out, Google Sheets. Create a new blank sheet from there. Click file > import > upload to transfer an Excel spreadsheet to Google Sheets. Click “create new spreadsheet” after selecting the file you want to import. When you click “open now,” you’re done! Your Google Sheet is currently prepared to utilize.

8. You Can Monitor Your Wedding List Of Attendees In A Hurry.

Using a smartphone, you can access your Google Sheets from anywhere if you follow these steps. To get entrance, essentially click on the “share” button in the upper right corner of your Google Sheets.

A companion or you can rapidly add depictions to gift things at your wedding party.

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