Everything to know about pawna lake

Everything to know about pawns lake

Trekking Near Mumbai Pawna Lake, in Maharashtra, is a beautiful lake. Though you can visit the lake any time of year, the finest months to do so are January through May and October through December. The weather in the state is ideal for a trip to the lake at this time.

Trekking Near Mumbai Pawna Lake’s Geography

Pawna Lake is a natural hotspot for flora and fauna due to its location in the Western Ghats. Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation manages the Pawna dam. Pawna Dam was built primarily to generate hydroelectric power and supply water.

The distance between Mumbai and Pawna Lake is:

– Dudhiware khind route = 105 km Mumbai > Lonavala > Bhangarwadi > Dudhiware khind > Pawna lake

122 kilometres via Kamshet

Mumbai > Lonavala > Kamshet > Pawna Lake is a journey across Mumbai, Lonavala, Kamshet, and Pawna Lake.

From Pune to the Pawna Lake:

-Pune > Pimpri Chinchwad > Kamshet > Pawna Lake = 65km

-45km via Paud road

Paud > Kolvan > Jovan > Thakursai > Pawna Lake > Pune > Paud > Kolvan > Jovan > Thakursai > Pawna Lake

Trekking Near Mumbai How to Get Here

Pawna Lake is easily accessible from Lonavala because of its proximity to the popular tourist site. The railway station in Lonavala is only approximately 20 kilometres away. The most convenient transportation mode is renting a taxi or cab from Lonavala.

There are decent road connections from Pune, Lonavala, and Mumbai. The neighbouring town of Kamshet, located off the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, also has many transportation options to the lake, which is only 35 kilometres away.

Pawna Lake is a popular tourist destination. Due to the water body’s vicinity to Lonavala hill station and forts such as Lohagad, Tikona, and Tung, the area surrounding Pawna Dam and Pawna Dam Reservoir has seen a tremendous surge in tourism in recent years.

Pawna Lake draws visitors primarily from Pune and Mumbai, two important adjacent cities. Every weekend, about 4,000 individuals from these two cities visit the lake.

At Pawna Lake, there are a variety of things to do.

Expeditions to the Dudhiware Waterfall

Dudhiware waterfall is a seasonal monsoon waterfall found near Lonavala in Dudhiware hamlet. This two-tier waterfall cascades down from a rock structure at around 135 feet.

The monsoon is the only time you can go waterfall rappelling. During this season, all the plateaus drain rainwater into waterfalls at the cliffs, and the streams and rivers overflow.

Trekking Near Mumbai Pawna Lake Camping 

Trekking Near Mumbai, Pawna Dam Reservoir, commonly known as Pawna Lake. The reservoir, located 25 kilometres from Lonavala, is becoming increasingly popular as a picnic and camping destination for people from Pune and Mumbai. Also, This is one of the best camping locations between Pune and Mumbai for a fast weekend vacation.

Since Tents are set up along the lake’s perimeter, We can enjoy meals and recreation on the water’s edge. Also, With live music, a campfire, games, and a barbeque meal, the establishment comes alive, making the evening a great retreat.

Trek up to Lohagad or Visapur

Lonavala, or Mawal as it is often known, is a treasure trove of gorgeous mountains and forts. Lonavala is also home to the forts of Lohagad and Visapur. Lohagad is one of the most beautiful forts to visit any time of year. If you have the time, Lohagad fort is connected to Visapur fort, which is also a fantastic hiking spot if you can visit both forts in one day.

Trek to Tikona Fort

Tikona, also known as Vitandgad, is Marvel’s most prominent hill fort. It’s 37.7 kilometres from Lonavala, near Kamshet. Tikona means ‘Triangular’ because the 3500 ft high hill is pyramidal in shape.

Large doors, the temple of ‘Trimbakeshwar Mahadev,’ seven water tanks, and Satvahan caverns make the fort a popular trekking destination.

Trekking Near Mumbai Pawna Lake Kayaking

Since Kayaking has slowly gained appeal among adventurers, it is still a sport that is not widely practised in India. It is still more of a recreational activity than a competitive sport. However, Kayaking is now possible at Pawna Lake near Lonavala.

Trekking Near Mumbai Sightseeing in the Pawna Lake Area

Trekking Near Mumbai, The Pawna Dam is one of the city’s most visited attractions. It’s an ideal location for a leisurely day excursion. Since the lake provides fresh water to the Pimpri Chinchwad area, visitors can also visit nearby forts such as Tungi, Lohagad, and Tikona, as well as numerous temples. Pawna Dam, an artificial lake in the Sahyadri hills, lies roughly 15 kilometres from Lonavala.

To Conclude, Pawna Lake camping is everything a person dreams of when they think of adventure. Pawna Lake is a great place to escape the city life’s hustle and bustle. Visitors can participate in various activities such as canoeing in the lake, sightseeing in the surrounding area, and watching the sunset.

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