Types And Importance Of Shelving In A Warehouse

Warehouses are used to store inventory, machinery and products with different SKU’s. The type of products that you will be stocking in your warehouse will also affect the shelving system you choose. Warehouse shelving systems are designed to store heavy-duty products. Below, we will explore the most popular storage systems in warehouses today.

Types Of Shelving Systems:

Slotted Angle Shelving Racks

These slotted angle shelving racks made from slotted angles and shelves are widely used in all industries. This type of industrial shelving is the most popular type of storage system because it can hold heavy pallets of merchandise or inventory. It can also be used to store inventory which needs to be uploaded or removed quickly.

Slotted angle shelving racks also offer other benefits, such as being flexible, cost-effective, simple to install, move and maintain. Rackoben offers a variety of slotted angle shelving racks with different loading capacities and sizes to suit customer’s needs.

Mezzanine Floor

The mezzanine floor is an innovative space-saving solution used by many warehouses to maximize vertical height, which otherwise goes waste. It is the best way to make space in space, especially with rising property prices. This system is made from heavy-duty slotted angles and nuts as well as bolts. Rackoben can make mezzanine floors to meet customer specifications.

Cantilever Racks

Cantilever Racks can be used to store long, cumbersome and heavy loads like lumber, piping or tubing. Cantilever racks can be trusted and reliable. To provide stability, these racks are composed of columns with a horizontal beam and one or more horizontal beams at their base.

Pigeon Hole Racks

Pigeon Hole racks are made from slotted angles and shelves that combine different components. These racks are designed to maximize space usage in any facility. They require minimal to no maintenance, are lightweight, portable, and easy to set up.

Rackoben is the right choice if you’re looking for storage solutions to equip your warehouse. Rackoben offers a wide range of shelving systems in India at very affordable prices.

Importance Of Industrial Shelving:

The primary purpose of the warehouse is to store things. The best method to accomplish this is to use shelves for industrial use..

The bookshelf you have at home is different than having industrial shelving used in workplaces, particularly the warehouse.

The professional shelving system is an essential element of a warehouse. It is the core of the business. It must be sturdy enough to hold up to the weight of large items as well as be secure for employees to use and easily accessible for day-to-day tasks.


Industrial shelving isn’t just one item you need to install and hope that it will work. These kinds of shelves can be completely customized and built to your exact specifications and requirements.

In the event that you need the space needed for pallets or drawers Industrial shelving can be installed in any direction using many different accessories to meet your individual requirements.

Secure And Long-Lasting

Industrial shelves are heavy-duty sturdy and stable structures with extremely strong frames. They’re constructed to last and can withstand huge weights, in comparison with wooden shelving.

They’re sturdy enough to withstand the load and unloading of forklifts and automated equipment. They can also be able to withstand accidental hits.

This naturally is vital for a safe work environment.

A Place To Put Everything

Warehouses may have thousands of different items with each item having hundreds of different items with different sizes and shapes.

The convenience of having all your belongings properly secured is not just visually appealing and professional, but also safer for employees as well as public members.

From a logistical point the perspective of logistics, if items are more easily accessible, then productivity increases as well. Industrial shelving that makes goods more accessible and easily accessible can boost a company’s bottom line.

Storage Of Specific Items

There’s no limit on the kinds of items and materials the warehouse can keep.

From spools of cable made of metal to bolts and nuts to carpets, each item has a distinct size and has different damage limitations.

The industrial shelving is adapted to the product you’re keeping, ensuring your inventory is secure while reducing the chance of breaking.

Unusual-looking items or large loads are all acceptable.

Warehouse Space Is Increased

Making a space instead of tearing it out is the most efficient method of reducing space but you’ll need the appropriate equipment to do it.

A well-planned shelving arrangement will help you make the most of the floor space in your warehouse which allows you to store more inventory and free space for a new venture.


Industrial shelving is among the most essential storage solutions that are used in the majority of warehouses.

Effective, simple to handle, and exceptionally durable It offers warehouse managers numerous advantages that will increase their profits over time.

Industrial shelving should be sturdy enough to withstand the demands of daily operations, but flexible enough to expand with your company’s needs.

If properly used When used properly, the correct shelving system will create space in each warehouse and can help reduce clutter.

It’s easy to move and removed, which means rearranging the warehouse or shifting it to an area that is larger won’t be difficult.

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