Veg Out at Mellow Mushroom

If you are in the market for pizza, you’ve probably heard of Mellow Mushroom. With over 200 locations, there is no shortage of good pizza here! But what about the Veg Out pizza? How does it compare to the traditional one? Read on to find out!


If you want a tasty meal with a funky theme, various craft beer selections, and an enjoyable atmosphere, a trip to the Mellow Mushroom may be in your future. The restaurant’s website also includes a nutrition calculator so you can see how many calories and carbs are in each dish before you decide on a selection.

Pizza fans will be thrilled that the restaurant offers three different sizes of pizza, including mini, regular, and large. Some slices are available in individual sizes during lunch and late at night. Other menu items include calzones, subs, salads, and appetizers. Additionally, the restaurant serves a wide range of beer, with over 50 on tap. In addition to their delicious food, customers can also purchase merchandise and clothing branded with the restaurant. You’ll find funky peace symbols on the walls of Mellow Mushroom’s phone booth.

At Mellow Mushroom, we understand that sometimes people don’t know how many calories they’re consuming. Our menu lets you track it on your meal with our calorie counts and a list of nutrients. The brownie has 360 kcal, 10 g of saturated fat, 43g of carbohydrates, and 4 g of protein. On the other hand, the steak and the chicken sub have 1,670 kcal and 65g of protein.


Mellow Mushroom has introduced the Art of Mellow campaign to promote its brand image as one for art and creativity. With this campaign, amid thousands of custom-painted garden gnomes, hosts of cartoonish Zoom backgrounds, and a slew of other cool things, they hope to get people interested by driving engagement through social media, search, and programmatic display. Through sweepstakes and a signature art collection from 13 contemporary artists, they hope to attract consumers while reinforcing their brand image as a place for creativity.

The artwork on these pieces is quite a statement on its own and is not just for show. Each artwork is unique and represents a special connection to the restaurant and its patrons. Aside from offering a unique culinary experience, the artwork of Mellow Mushroom is also part of a community project to benefit local charities. Artists will hand-paint rain barrels to help raise money for charities. The proceeds from the auction will benefit the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper organization.

Mellow Mushroom’s new Nashville location is home to some amazing murals and tributes to local artists. These murals and a wide selection of local artwork fill the walls of reclaimed wood and metal from a century-old barn. The restaurant features one of the city’s tallest rooftop bars and an art gallery full of work by local artists. In addition, the restaurant offers on-site artists’ quarters for its employees who have been selected to create paintings on the establishment’s walls over time.


The Founders of Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers are two Georgians who grew up in the South and decided to create a chain of pizza restaurants. Since then, the company has grown to include over 200 locations throughout the United States.

The Founders of Mellow Mushroom are college students who saw pizza baking as an art and wanted to spread the joy of great pizza to people. They opened their first Atlanta location in an old liquor store but soon expanded to other Atlanta areas. In 1976, they decided to cut a hole in the wall and attach a school bus so that more people could come in and enjoy their pizzas. In the late 1980s, the company expanded to other states and opened franchises.

Mellow Mushroom is well-known for serving delicious pizzas in a fun, casual atmosphere. Customers can enjoy a variety of specialty pizzas, subs, salads, and calzones. There are gluten-free and vegan options. They also have an extensive craft beer selection available. But their employees say they’re unhappy with their daily work life or earning potential.

Veg Out pizza

For those who don’t eat dairy, meat, or eggs, the Mellow Mushroom’s Veg Out pizza has vegan cheese and spinach. There is also an option to customize your gluten-free pizza with vegan cheese. The vegan cheese is followed by spinach and vegan feta. The house salad comes with naked wings and is a nutritious, low-FODMAP option. You can even order a Vegan Enlightened salad, which includes diced apples and house-made glazed pecans.

The vegan menu does not include dairy cheese or eggs, but the company’s website lists vegan choices. The menu lists ingredients and cross-contamination risks so vegans can choose vegan cheese substitutes. The Avocado Smash and Bruschetta pizzas skip feta cheese and are made with French bread. The Holy Shiitake Pie substitutes regular cheeses with vegan cheese and holds a garlic aioli swirl. The Avocado Hoagie omits provolone and mayo.

The Veg Out pizza is available on a gluten-free crust. A small slice has 281 calories, most of which come from carbohydrates. It is also a good choice for vegetarians. However, you should check the nutritional information of the Veg Out pizza you’re considering ordering. It is worth noting that this pizza is not high in saturated fat. While it’s tasty and has many vegetables, it’s not healthy. The Veg Out menu changes regularly, and you should check the specials page if you’re in a hurry.

Veg Out hoagie

Veg Outputs that plant-based need on the menu. With plenty of vegan-friendly options like a vegan grilled veggie sandwich, a gluten-free pizza, or melt-in-your-mouth hoagies and subs made with our vegan cheese and meal kits, you’ll never miss out on a tasty meal.

Whether you’re looking for a low-fat, low-carb, or low-sodium option, you can find one here. The Veg Out hoagie with mellow Mushroom has no more than 11 grams of fat per serving. The house salad contains no fat when it’s modified. A steak and chicken hoagie contains 1,670 calories and 65 grams of protein and includes melted cheese, lettuce, onions, and mushrooms.

The Mellow Mushroom offers 5 vegan options: a vegetarian pizza, a vegan hummus, a vegan Greek salad, a vegan cheese-filled sub, and a Veg Out pizza. To make it even more exciting, you can create your vegan pizza using vegan cheese, a variety of veggies, tofu, and tofu. The vegan menu is available at over 170 Mellow Mushroom locations nationwide.

A vegan hoagie from Mellow Mushroom features tempeh, a traditional Indonesian delicacy made from fermented soybeans. The Veg Out hoagie includes a soft vegan bun. Although vegan pizza with cheese is still hard to find, there are options now.

Veg Out calzone

If you want to eat healthier, try ordering a Veg Out calzone with a vegan cheese substitute, such as Follow Your Heart(r) vegan cheese. While the cheese substitute won’t save you many calories, it will lower your fat intake. This restaurant also serves vegan pizza with Follow Your Heart(r) vegan cheese. You can also make your gluten-free pizza by combining vegan cheese, spinach, and a choice of toppings.

While a Veg Out pizza may not be your favorite, it will satisfy you. This vegan restaurant has many gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. You can even find a nutrition calculator online to check your consumption. You can customize your order to include your preferences and avoid foods containing gluten, such as soy.

The menu at Mellow Mushroom is extensive. You can even build your calzone, too. And if you want a more traditional pizza, there’s an option for that, too: the Vegan Tempah Hoagie. But be aware that the calzones here are a little expensive. Whether you’re looking to save money on a special occasion or a treat, you’ll find the perfect vegan food at Mellow Mushroom.

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