Wants and Needs Lyrics by Drake and Lil Baby

Drake and Lil Baby collaborate on Wants and Needs. This song is about the different things we want in life. It has an upbeat vibe. The chorus is very catchy. Lil Baby also raps a verse. The song is very popular among younger audiences. It’s a good choice for the summer.

Drake’s new song

Drake’s new song, “Wants and Needs”, features American rapper Lil Baby. The song is off his upcoming Scary Hours 2 EP. It will be released on March 5, 2021 on OVO Sound. The lyrics are racy, yet catchy.

The lyrics of Drake’s latest song may have something to do with Kanye West’s feud with Drake. The two rappers have been involved in a beef for years, and this song references Kanye. Despite the beef between the two artists, the two have never officially reconciled.

Wants and Needs lyrics are about wanting more in a relationship. Drake is talking about being open and honest with your partner about your desires and your own shortcomings. While no one is perfect, there is no point in having unrealistic expectations of your partner. He promises to always be there for you.

Fans of Drake know what to expect from his songs. While some songs are a bit repetitive, “Wants and Needs” is an interesting take on a familiar subject. This song’s lyrics compare the needs and wants of a man and a woman. It also mentions the importance of faith in God.

Drake’s new song “Wants and Needs” is a great example of sentimentality and emotion in a song. The lyrics are deep and meaningful. The lyrics are a great example of Drake’s versatility. While he usually writes about his girlfriends, family, and friends, “Wants and Needs” is an example of what he is capable of.

Drake’s new song, “Wants and Needs,” is about love. Although the rapper has never been in a serious relationship, he knows how hard it is to find love. But he is willing to do whatever it takes to be happy in love. The lyrics also reflect his experience with his own relationships.

Lil Baby’s verse

Lil Baby’s “Wants and Needs” verse has recently become a hit with a number of celebrities and fans. The rap track features Drake and Lil Baby, as well as a rap by a woman who makes lip singing videos for Tik Tok and Instagram. Recently, the video went viral, receiving a follow from Drake. As a result, she gained millions of followers on social media. However, she recently surfaced multiple tweets that included her saying the n-word.

While Lil Baby’s rap song describes his desire for wealth, he isn’t completely honest. In the song, the rapper admits to committing several sins, such as gambling in Las Vegas. He also confesses to having a secret lover. Although he says he doesn’t want anyone to know, he’s a high-class spender and a shark in the music industry. The verse also mentions a time when he lost an entire Ferrari sports car in Las Vegas gambling.

In addition to his rap career, Lil Baby has a number of successful collaborations under his belt. One of these is “Wants and Needs.” The track was released on March 12th, 2021, and Drake and Lil Baby have collaborated on several songs. The track is risque, but catchy.


“Wants and Needs” is a song by Drake that addresses the importance of money, women, and religion in the world. Though Drake and Kanye West have been involved in a long-running feud, this song is a satirical look at the way people live their lives and what they want.

The song speaks to our constant desire for more, yet we should appreciate what we have. The message of this rap song is one that resonates with the hip-hop audience. The rap-punk genre has a plethora of fans who relate to its themes. However, a lot of people are skeptical of its message.

“Wants and Needs” by Drake and Lil Baby is about balancing our wants and needs in life. In this song, Drake discusses money, women, inner-circles, and religion. These are just a few of the many things that we need to consider to make our lives fulfilling.


Drake has just released the new EP, Scary Hours 2, which features three new songs. In these songs, he muses about the necessities of life. These include money, women, inner circles, religion, and many other issues. The song was written by Drake and Lil Baby, and was produced by Cardo.

Drake sings the Wants and Needs lyrics. The song is featured on his Scary Hours 2 album. He was joined by fellow rappers Lil Baby, Cardo, Dez Wright, and Drake. These artists wrote the lyrics for this track, and Drake has given them feedback. This song was released in March 2021.


“Wants and Needs” by Shedaisy is a song about desire. It’s about the constant need for more, as well as appreciation for what you already have.

It’s easy to listen to, which makes it a great hit. The lyrics are straightforward and relatable, making it a great choice for people looking for a romantic song.

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