Warren James Papers

Warren James Papers

Warren James is an experienced real estate developer with more than 25 years of experience. He has directed more than $1 billion in development projects. As the principal of REVA Development Partners, he focuses on construction management, entitlements, and financing. Before joining REVA, James spent two decades at Edward R. Home, managing many high-profile projects in suburban Chicago. Today, he is a consultant to companies looking to grow their real estate business.

Where is Warren James Born?

Warren James was born in Bream, Manchester. He married Ann Kear (1755-1836) in 1777. The couple lived in a rented cottage in Bream until 1782, when they built a cottage on encroachment between Whitecroft and Parkend. The Crown valued this property at 15 shillings a year. He was the fourth of nine children, and his father was the third minister.

Island Of Wight

The family moved to the Isle of Wight in 1782. They moved to a house on the Island of Wight. Their son was born in 1792. The family lived in a rented cottage for many years. They later built an encroachment cottage between Parkend and Whitecroft. The Crown valued this property at fifteen shillings per year.

Marrying Ann Kear

After marrying Ann Kear, Warren James lived in a rented cottage in Bream. In 1782, he constructed an encroachment cottage between Parkend and Whitecroft. He had seven children. These included two daughters and a son. The elder Warren James was the last child of the couple.

Papers Of James Warren Categories?

The papers of James Warren are divided into two categories: published works and manuscripts. In addition, the collection includes maps and manuscripts. There are also many publications by Warren. The papers cover various topics, including history, geography, and the Middle East. Archivists can also trace the development of civilization. Its founders, however, were concerned with the preservation of historical records. As a result, these collections are a vital resource.

American Revolution

The papers of Warren James include correspondence, dissertations, printed materials, maps, and reports. These materials are a valuable resource for historians also. The papers of James Adams include his handwritten notes and a manuscript from his father. This is one of the most extensive collections of papers on the American Revolution. There are also some unpublished manuscripts and handwritten documents about the history of the Revolution. The collection of manuscripts and letters is a good example of how the founding father of the United States influenced the nation.

Warren James’ Encroachment Property

Warren James’ encroachment property is located between Parkend and Whitecroft. The property was valued at fifteen shillings annually by the Crown. Its encroachment cottage was built in 1782 and was valued at five thousand pounds. The encroachment cottage was the home of two sons, Warren James the younger. He was baptized at the Bream Chapel. The elder of the couple was a barrister and later became a banker.

Independent Jewellers

Among the largest independent jewellers in the world, Warren James’ Sailmakers branch in Plymouth, Massachusetts, offers great jewellery designs at up to 70% below the retail price. It also has a wide range of accessories. Its flagship store in London, Massachusetts, offers over two million designs. It is the country’s leading jeweller, a global brand with more than 2,500 stores worldwide. With the help of its online services, customers can buy the latest in fashion and design.

Jewellery Chain In the UK

The largest independent jewellery chain in the UK, Warren James, offers beautiful pieces at affordable prices also there are many discounts and sales on many items. The company’s Sailmakers branch features fine and unique designs at up to 70% off retail price. The retail outlet is located in the centre of Bream. Since It is located in the town of Whitecroft, if you want to save a lot of money, you should buy from a reputable jeweller in Bream.

Discount Prices

In Sailmakers, you can buy great jewellery designs at discounted prices. Warren James has the largest independent jeweller in the UK. The Sailmakers branch offers many great designs at up to 70% off the retail price. Whether you’re looking for discount designer items or high-quality products, there’s a Warren James branch near you. The retail store’s selection at the centre’s location makes it a perfect place to buy the best piece of jewellery for your money.

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