What You Need to Know About Competitor’s Backlink Checker

To see what your competitors do with their backlinks, you need to look at the Competitors Backlink Checker. This free tool can help you figure out how your competitors link to their sites, which domains they use, and how they share their links with other sites. You can also use it to reclaim lost links, find out which of your competitors are using do follow backlinks, and find out how many of your competitors’ backlinks are shared by your domains.

Find out which Domains Share your Competitor’s Backlinks the Most

A competitor’s backlink checker is a great tool to find out which domains share your competitor’s links the most. This can help you stay competitive in search results. Using a competitor backlink checker can save hours of research and give you actionable answers in a snap.

If you’re searching for the best competitor backlink analysis tools, look for one that offers high-level analytics and a bird’s eye view of your link-building efforts. Semrush and Ahrefs are two popular options. They both have freemium accounts that offer limited data, though.

SEMrush is a powerful keyword research and SEO tool that can analyze your competitors’ link profiles. It also gives you access to over a dozen graphs and tables. Once you’ve logged in, you can choose Backlink Analytics to receive an in-depth report. You can also export your websites to a prospecting list to make it easier to find new backlink opportunities.

Another great backlink-checking tool is Linkody. Just type in your domain, and you’ll be able to add your competitor’s sites and see who is linking to them. You can add up to 500 backlinks for each site to get more detailed information.

Add Content and Do Follow Filters to the Backlinks Report

If you’re trying to figure out how to outrank your competition, you’ll want to look at their backlinks. You can use a tool such as Ahrefs to perform a competitor link analysis. This will allow you to see which domains are linking to your site, as well as what their anchor texts are.

The Ahrefs Link Intersect feature allows you to cross-reference a competitor’s backlink with your own. While this can be handy, you’ll need to remember that the competitor’s business model differs from yours.

You can also find out which pages your competitors are linking to. For example, if your competitor links to a blog post related to your niche, you’ll need to check the anchor text to figure out how they got there.

Another tool you can use is SE Ranking, an all-in-one SEO platform. Its backlink analysis feature is accurate and includes a dashboard. You can also use its metric analyzer. Depending on your competitor’s backlink profiles, you can decide whether to build links to the same sites or to different ones.

In addition to analyzing your competitors’ backlinks, you can also look at the traffic statistics of their domains. These statistics help determine the legitimacy of a website. A high level of traffic is a good indication that a site is valuable. On the other hand, low traffic can mean that a site is spammy.

Reclaim Lost Links

Link reclamation is a process of finding and fixing lost links. This is a great way to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) and ensure link equity is kept.

Reclaiming lost links can be challenging. Some websites get caught up in new policies, making it hard to find the right place for a link. If you can find an excellent source to reclaim the link, you’re well on your way.

While there are free tools available to help you identify and fix links, there are some that require payment. Ahrefs, for example, offers a site explorer that allows users to check for lost connections. It also provides a detailed report outlining the reasons a link was lost. You can even export the report to a CSV file.

In addition, Screaming Frog also offers a tool that allows you to find broken links. When you locate a lost link, you can contact the site owner or redirect it to your site.

A reclaimed link is a lot easier to fix than a broken one. For instance, you can rewrite the content and update the links. Having a site that’s easy to find can be very important.

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