What You Need to Know About EX Nihilo Perfumes

If you are looking for a fragrance that is a unique blend of technology and art, EX NIHILO is the brand for you. The line draws inspiration from the work of iconoclastic thinkers, emerging talents, hardcore glass-blowers, and passionate designers. Their mission is to redefine the concept of perfume and open new paths for collaboration between perfume creators and technology. They are committed to meeting the expectations of the next generation. It is important that you buy EX Nihilo perfume from a trusted store like Alla Violetta Boutique so that you are assured of its quality.

Venenum Kiss by Quentin Bisch

EX NIHILO Venenum is a sultry, fruity scent. This fragrance opens with a sweet rose and apricot. It’s not powdery or overpowering, but rather has a fruity dry down. The fragrance evokes the sweet smell of a kiss.

The perfume is unisex and hypnotic. It has a traditional rose/saffron/woods accord that doesn’t smell heavily synthesized. The result is a fragrance that’s much softer than most contemporary releases. This fragrance also feels more comfortable and relaxed than other recent rose/oudh scent experiments.

In terms of packaging, Ex Nihilo uses Vases de Senteurs, an electronic system that helps prevent olfactory saturation. Moreover, their perfume bottles are made of insulated foam, which protects them from external aggression. The Honore Delights fragrance pays homage to Paris, where it was designed by perfumer Natalie Cetto. The perfumer took the iconic scent and deconstructed it to explore unexpected texture associations.

Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique by Natalie Cetto

Ex Nihilo is a Paris-based perfume brand. With its unique approach to perfume creation, the brand is inspired by avant-garde creativity. Its fragrances are often riffs on classical composition or the embodiment of look-but-don’t-touch sensuality. Fleur Narcotique is one of the brand’s iconic scents.

The fragrance house, launched by Olivier Royere, Sylvie Loda, and Benoit Verdie in 2003, aims to create unique scents from raw materials. The founders trust in the creativity and competence of their perfumers, allowing them to let their imaginations run wild.

Ex Nihilo Love Shot is a fruity chypre that was launched in 2016. It’s the third creation from the brand, and was created by Natalie Gracia-Cetto. It features raspberry as the top note, leather in the middle, and musk in the base. Its nose, Natalie Gracia-Cetto, also created Sweet Morphine last year.

The fruity notes in Fleur Narcotique are tempered by orange blossom and bergamot. It’s a softer, fruity fragrance with a sensual edge as it develops. The fragrance is best for hot summer nights or evening soirees in the city.

Ex Nihilo Honore Delights by Benoit Verdier

Ex Nihilo has launched a new fragrance: Honore Delights. This perfume is inspired by the spirit of pure refinement and the creative avant-garde, and it strives to embody the notion of personalized luxury. Guests at the launch event were able to get to know the new perfume, Honore Delights, and the brand’s new body fragrance, Exalt. The brand’s founder shared some tips with the press about how to wear the perfume to get the best results.

The line consists of twenty different scents and is a collaboration with renowned perfumers. Olivier Pescheux, Nathalie Gracia-Cetto, Yann Vasnier, and Nathalie Gracia-Cel are a few of the names who have contributed to this line.

Founders Selen Serdaroglu and Benoit Verdier have launched a fragrance line that appeals to the discerning shopper. The line has won several awards, including the prestigious Prix d’Or for the Best Perfume in 2009.

Ex Nihilo is a Paris-based perfume house that promotes an uncompromising, disruptive vision of luxury fragrance. Its founders are inspired by the creative avant-garde and the French spirit of pure refinement, and aim to provide a fresh alternative to conventional luxury products. The founders’ passion for vintage and their belief in the ability of perfumers has led them to create a unique and unconventional line.

A unique characteristic of Ex Nihilo is that it is customizable. Users can customize the scent, add a special scent to their scent, or choose a combination of aromas to enhance their experience.

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