What You Should Know About Canada E-Cig Store Options

Are you Canadian or new to Canada and curious about the Canada e-cig store options where you can buy your e-cigs and vaping equipment? Or are you looking for the best place to buy a vape pen online in Canada? Are you also searching for the best retailer for an e-cigarette in Ontario, Canada? Additionally, maybe you are pondering using another brand’s e-cigarette to compare the difference in experience and price of each one. This is the ideal spot to acquire all the information directly from the source regardless of whether you fit into this group or are just interested in learning more about a Canada e-cig store.

This article will walk you through a selection of the best e-cigarette in Ontario, Canada, such as what is available at the ePuffer Canada e cig store. Prior to that, it is important to comprehend a few things regarding the Canada e-cig store. This will be where we start. Be prepared!

Facts You Should Know About a Canada E-Cig Store

The minimum age to purchase an electronic cigarette or a vaping device in any of the Canada-based retailers is 19. Anyone under this age is ineligible to purchase electronic cigarettes in retailers. Additionally, before starting their businesses, Canadian e-cigarette entrepreneurs request a vaping product license under the Excise Act of 2001. Every vaping product sold in Canadian e-cigarette stores is aimed solely at adults.

The maximum nicotine content for vaping goods made in Canada or imported for sale there is 20 mg/mL. The packaging and sale of vaping goods are also regulated by this legislation to enforce this limit on nicotine content in vape juice.

The Canadian Vaping Association reported that there were more than 500 e-cigarette stores in Canada based on data assembled in 2016. E-cigarette retailers can be found in Canada in a number of places including Hamilton, Oshawa, Belleville, Brantford, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, and Toronto.

Top Canada E-Cig Store Retailers

The provinces and cities of Canada are home to more than 500 e-cigarette shops. We will be looking at a couple popular retailers in this section whether you are seeking vape Canada free shipping e-cig stores or simply want to learn more about Canada e-cig store retailers.

  •     ePuffer: Based in Canada, ePuffer is one of the top e-cigarette retailers in the world. They have been in business for more than 15 years and provide shipping options to numerous nations. They have a convenient website, so you may purchase vape pens from them online in Canada. Their customer service and product selection are excellent.
  •     180 Smoke: 180 Smoke is another e-cigarette retailer in Canada operating in Toronto and throughout Ontario. They offer a wide variety of vape juice options. Each day’s retail hours are different, so check online before visiting.


We hope the facts about Canada e-cig store retailers and examples of options assist you in your vaping journey. Remember to check for seasonal sales like vape free shipping in Canada.

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