Where Can I Swap BTC to DGB?

To get the maximum benefit from owning cryptocurrencies, it’s essential to have a great place to exchange them when it’s profitable. Right now, the unstable position of Bitcoin means investors are looking to diversify their holdings. Here we’ll look at whether BTC to DGB is a good pair and where you can execute it quickly and safely. 

What Do We Know About DGB?

Digibyte is one of the first altcoins that was created even before Ethereum. It has built a community and a strong track record over the past nine years. Its blockchain is a fork of Bitcoin, with added features such as digital assets, DeFi applications, and smart contracts. These make Digibyte functionality more like the Ethereum blockchain than Bitcoin. 


A key selling point for Digibyte is its level of decentralization. Unlike Bitcoin, DGB tokens are not highly concentrated. There was no initial coin offering or significant pre-mining done with DGB. The consensus algorithm favors many, smaller decentralized miners rather than Bitcoin’s highly-centralized mammoth mining pools. 

DGB Price Prediction

DGB price has followed a slightly different path from Bitcoin. Its price was stable at around $0.0003 for the first three years of its existence between 2014 and 2017. Then, the crypto bull market of 2017 launched it 400x into the stratosphere to $0.12. The 2021 bull market saw it go even higher to $0.182. However, it has crashed significantly to around $0.01 in 2022. 


Experts forecast the price of Digibtye to stay flat in 2022 but rise to 10x by 2024:


2022 Prediction 2023 Prediction  2024 Prediction 
PricePrediction.net $0.015 $0.021 $0.031
DigitalCoinPrice $0.0131 $0.014 $0.015
Gov Capital $0.0135 $0.055 $0.104
Average: $0.013 $0.03 $0.05


How Is Bitcoin Doing?

Bitcoin took a beating in 2021-22, falling from over $64k to under $20k. This marks a significant moment for BTC, as it’s the first time the price has fallen below a previous halving cycle’s high. Some in the industry claimed BTC would never fall this low in a cycle, but it has proven them wrong. This has led some to believe BTC may fall further in the short term, possibly under $15k. 


However, Bitcoin has risen relative to many altcoins, e.g., ZCash. You can check the exchange rate with a ZEC to BTC calculator

BTC Price Prediction

Looking further into the future, the BTC price is forecasted to rise. But forecasts are nowhere near as bullish as they were last year. Here, we can see that no forecaster is predicting the BTC price will reach new highs until at least 2024. The average price prediction sees BTC remain between $30k-$50k for a couple of years. 


2022 Prediction 2023 Prediction  2024 Prediction 
PricePrediction.net $38,288 $54,570 $81,632
DigitalCoinPrice $27,524 $30,726 $30,343
Cryptopolitan $39,821 $44,454 $43,900
Average: $35,211 $43,250 $51,958


How to Swap BTC for DGB?

Given these forecasts, it makes sense to swap some BTC for DGB. Here are the top four destinations for executing this trade and the main reason for choosing each one:


  1. Godex: Anonymous crypto exchange with no account creation or ID verification required. 4.9 rated on Trustpilot based on 1,000 reviews.
  2. Coingecko: A mobile app with a high rating of 4.8 on the Apple App store, based on 1.7k reviews. 
  3. Change now: Non-custodial exchange, meaning you don’t have to store your crypto on the exchange servers. But, an ID check is required, and KYC/AML checks are required for large transactions. 

Is It Profitable to Exchange BTC for DGB?

Multiple price forecasts see BTC only increasing ~2.5x in the next few years and not reaching new all-time highs before 2025. DGB predictions see it rising from a lower base to 10x its current value. This means now could be a good time to exchange some BTC for DGB. However, remember that the BTC token has relatively less risk than almost any altcoin, including DGB. So, certainly don’t convert all of your BTC to DGB right now. 

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