Who Can Be A Credible Witness In Motorcycle Accidents

Because their testimony may support your account of what happened, witnesses are frequently essential to accident claims. This is one of the reasons the insurance company would try to discredit any witnesses you provide in support of your claim.

In the section below, we go through the importance of these witnesses’ credibility to your case and the characteristics of reliable witnesses.

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What parties may participate in an accident claim?

A witness’s job in a crash case is to give an unbiased account of what happened leading up to, during, and after the accident.

Different aspects of a crash may have been visible to witnesses depending on where they were when the event occurred. These people’s statements are considered impartial because they are not connected to the crash’s participants. As a result, the insurance company might give more credence to their testimony. Witness accounts may also help paint a complete picture of the collision’s causes and your injuries.

How come credibility in an accident case is essential?

Because eyewitnesses are such a crucial piece of evidence, it is essential to determine their credibility in order to distinguish fact from fabrication.

When you present a witness in your accident case, the insurance company’s initial move will be to attempt to cast doubt on that person’s testimony.

Insurers might accomplish this, for instance, by attempting to persuade the jurors that your eyewitness is dishonest. Your chances of winning compensation could be severely harmed if the jury accepts the insurance company’s analysis.

The jury is much more likely to accept your witness’ testimony if you successfully establish their credibility, which could help you get the required amount.

Credible witnesses also increase the likelihood that the insurance provider will make a reasonable settlement offer to reduce the likelihood of failing in court.

Who is viewed as a trusted witness?

A reliable witness is somebody who might be able to offer an impartial account of what happened—someone who has nothing to gain or lose from the resolution of the dispute. For instance, a passerby or the driver of a different car who was not at all a part of the collision.

The insurance company will most certainly attack an eyewitness sitting in the passenger side of either car for being unreliable. They have a motive to embellish the collision’s details to support their compensation request.

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