Why do Australians call them pokies?

About online pokies of Australia

The term “slots and slot machines” has existed for quite a long time, and is actively used by almost all users who are fond of gambling and betting in casinos. So many users from Australia regularly play and bet in the slots and slot machines, but why are they so called? In this article, you can find out why slots and slot machines of online pokies in Australia are so called and below you can learn a lot of interesting and useful information about the term and type of gambling “slots and slot machines”.


  • Online slots. Online slots are currently one of the most popular and frequently visited gambling games not only by users from Australia, but also by users all over the world. In themselves online slots as a kind of gambling quite fascinating for top online casinos Australia, and at the same time simple because the maximum that is required from the user is to press a button and try to knock out a combination of symbols. But how did the term online slots come to be? Initially, slots called land-based slot machines that could be played only in land-based Australian casinos. Earlier slots were slot machines that have a rotating drum and display indicating the winning combination of symbols. When playing land-based slots users could try their luck and earn an amount several times greater than the bet. At the moment, the term “online slots” is used to refer to gambling games that can only be played using the Internet. Online slots is a type of gambling games that can only be accessed via the Internet at the best online pokies, and they are similar to land-based slots games. Online slots of best online pokies Australia have video screens and copies of the reels from land-based slots. The main difference from land-based slots is that users can play and bet directly from their homes, and the slots might have from 3 to 5 reels and up to 50 winning lines, which greatly increases the chances of winning for all users of pokies Australia. In addition, in many online slots users can find a variety of features and bonuses that give a variety of advantages at the time of the game. For example, users can catch a bonus that gives free spins, or increase the amount of their winnings by 2 or more times. For this reason now online slots of Australia online pokies are extremely popular among a huge number of Australian users and users around the world. This type of gambling allows Australian users to earn large sums of money as quickly as possible and they are the best substitute for land-based slot machines.
  • Slot machines. Slot machines are no less popular and similar gambling games of best Australian online pokies in which thousands of Australian users are constantly playing and betting. But how did the term “slot machines” originate? Originally the term slot machines, as well as a kind of gambling began to be actively used in 1894 after the creation of the first similar gambling game, which was introduced by Charles Fey. At that time, a slot machine was a land-based slot machine that allowed you to win real money for a collected combination of symbols. Then the slot machines were not so popular and there were only land-based gaming mechanisms that could be played only by visiting land-based casinos. At the moment the term “slot machines” is actively used by all users who are interested in gambling. At the moment, the “slot machines” – a kind of gambling games which is also available via the Internet. In fact, slot machines are full-fledged copies of land-based gaming machines, but transferred to the Internet. Slot machines have 3 or more reels and a small number of paylines. To win a slot machine users need to collect three of the same symbol in a row after which the user will get a certain amount of money. Slots machines are different from the slots that they often do not have new features and bonuses. In addition, slot machines often copy the classic land-based slot machines that many Australian users like. When playing slot machines is extremely easy to win and earn as much money as possible since this game is the most that neither is simple. At the moment there are more than a million different slot machines available to all Australian users and you can find them in all Australian casinos.


These types of gambling and really extremely popular among a huge number of users from Australia and other world countries. All they are able to allow users to make money online quickly and easily through a fairly simple game mechanics. In fact, in order to earn any amount of money, users simply press one button and try to catch any combination of characters. This type of game is not only simple, but also extremely interesting even taking into account the simple game mechanics.

Every day, more than a million users from Australia and other countries make bets only in slots and slot machines. These gambling games are indeed very numerous and in every Australian casino there are more than 10 varieties of slots and slot machines. In addition to slot machines and regular slots users can easily play slots with a huge number of paylines, slots with large jackpots and many other gambling games.

In any case, we recommend that every Australian user to try and play slots and slot machines because it is really interesting, profitable and simple gambling games in which you can earn a lot of money for just a couple of clicks on one button.

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