Why is it important to learn mathematics for everyday life?

Although mathematics is a waste of time for many students of primary or secondary education since it seems to them that they will not need it for daily life, they are important for daily life. Mathematics is important when it comes to shopping, calculating sales discounts, calculating taxes, and the thousands of situations that we face every day. Knowing the hierarchy of example operations is essential for any student.

Mathematics is one of humanity’s oldest sciences, and thanks to it, numerous advances have been made in many sciences, such as physics, astronomy, computing, and technology. The first who used mathematics were the peoples of the area of ​​​​Egypt and Babylon 3,000 years before Christ, who already used arithmetic. From this moment on, numerous civilizations have achieved the advancement of mathematics with their theories and discoveries.

Today, mathematics has evolved and includes not only arithmetic, which is the study of numbers. It also includes algebra, the analysis of structures, statistics, data studies, and geometry, the study of segments and figures. These branches of mathematics are studied in primary and secondary education. Mathematics is essential to develop logical reasoning in children and adolescents. A good option to learn and solve mathematics may be to visit Gauthmath.

Mathematics in everyday life

Knowing mathematics is essential for all people. Although it is a very basic level, all people should know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Mathematics is essential in education, moreover, because it is essential for the intellectual development of children. Even mathematics can be learned and solved online, as students already do during the pandemic.

Knowing the basic operations is important in everyday life to measure objects and distances or to be able to make comparisons or interpret statistics. Even to make the daily purchase or go to the sales. Mathematics, in addition, is fundamental to be able to learn other disciplines such as biology, psychology, economics, and even for more artistic disciplines such as plastic arts or music. 

That is why it is essential to establish a good base in primary school so that students do not get lost in the following years and thus prevent them from losing interest in mathematics. Many students today reject mathematics from childhood because they got lost in the subject at some point.

Not having a minimum knowledge of mathematics is compared by many education specialists to not knowing how to read or write. A kind of mathematical illiteracy that can harm students in the future. You have to know at least the basic operations to be able to function in life. 

Although calculators exist, and we even already have them on our mobile phones or smartphones, it is important to have acquired the ability to carry out simple mathematical and logical reasoning in childhood and adolescence.

The importance of mathematics in life

The development of children’s intellectual abilities is largely dependent on mathematics. It helps them to be logical, reason orderly, and have a mind prepared for thought, criticism, and abstraction.

Mathematics shapes students’ attitudes and values as it guarantees solidity in its fundamentals, security in procedures, and confidence in the results obtained. In this way, children become motivated to take action that solves problems they face every day by becoming conscious of and favorable to taking action.

Values ​​training

Children’s attitudes and behaviors are affected by mathematics, which helps them form values. Patterns like these provide a framework for living your life, a logical and coherent approach to dealing with reality, an eye for accuracy in results, an ability to abstract, reason and generalize, and a perception of creativity as a value. They also allow you to understand and express yourself clearly through symbols.

These values can be divided into two categories:

Intelligence values

Eagerness to know, acquire knowledge, study, habits, and techniques of intellectual work to use information critical sense of what is true.

Values ​​of the will

  • Decision-making ability: prudence, prediction, initiative, security, self-confidence.
  • Moral values: It helps coin respect for the beliefs and ideas of others, collaboration, solidarity, honesty, honesty, diligence, and optimism.


However, in school, the subject of mathematics is usually, by far, the most hated. And because? We seem to realize that mathematics has been taught badly for years. It is necessary that from the school, a positive idea of ​​mathematics is transmitted; for this, it is necessary to change how it is presented to the students. We recommend using Gauthmath to solve your maths problems and get the steps for other days.

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