Zhang Lu: Soul App is a Warm Social Networking Platform

It seems that the metaverse is coming near, with technology giants like Meta and Google declaring their ambition to march in the metaverse. Behind their battles, a social networking platform called Soul App is rising and soon captures Gen Z with its ground-breaking online social modes and gamified interactions. Previously, this app made its commitment to establish a social metaverse for the younger generation. Looking back on its development, we see that Zhang Lu founder and CEO of Soul App is invariably the driving force behind its every move.

Stories of successful entrepreneurs and social products are not scarce. What is unique about Zhang Lu and her Soul App? How did this young social networking platform attract the hearts of Gen Z. During an interview, she shared her understanding of Soul App and her insights into developing social networking products.

In Zhang Lu’s eyes, Soul App is a warm social networking platform.

When people speculate about the founder behind Soul App, they might conjure up the image of Miranda, the dominant boss in the movie The Devil Wears Prada. They might be astonished when they heard that Zhang Lu herself was a heavy user of Soul App. In the interview, she shared many interesting stories she noticed on this platform and how she admired its users. She would even share sympathetic feelings with them. In this aspect, she is no different from other users on this platform. That may partly explain why she managed to develop a product as warm and humane as Soul App. 

For users of Soul App, it is a social networking platform in which they are surrounded by social warmth and this is also Zhang Lu’s vision. According to her, Soul App was inspired by HER, a movie about a soulful divorced man falling in love with the AI he created. Noticing that the passion for social life in modern societies is cooling, she came up with the idea of developing an online social networking platform where people could expand their network with the assistance of an AI algorithm.

Soul App is essentially about discovering the possibility of social networking.

When asked why so many users would choose this platform as their social playground, Zhang Lu thought it might be attributed to SOUL’s ability to evoke the colorful side of social networking. In other words, users of Soul App gained their greatest happiness from the satisfaction of exploration. They are no longer limited to time and geographical restrictions or existing social circles. As is revealed by Zhang Lu, the process of exploring a new relationship should be enjoyed and cherished.

Simultaneously, Soul App is always on its way to exploring the possibilities of social networking and inspires its users with creative social modes. Currently, this platform features gamified social modes and an AI recommendation algorithm. Features like Soul Cam and Virtual Party soon captured its user the moment they were launched. Personifies avatar design and interest profiling are acknowledged as strategic moves in its efforts in building a social metaverse.

Staying true to users is Zhang Lu’s commitment.

Similar to other social networking platforms, Soul App is confronted with worries from its users. They are concerned that as more people notice this platform, the user ecology in Soul App will change or even collapse. As the interview is coming to an end, Zhang Lu made her commitment, which is to always stay true to its users and remember her original aspiration for building such a platform. 

“Previously, I worried that there were few people in SOUL and I might be left alone on the planet. Now, my worry is that there are so many people on it and I am still lonely.” Zhang Lu confided the worries that lie in the depth of her heart. It appears that she shared the same kind of concerns with users from Soul App. Yet, she was trusted by her team that she had the insight to lead Soul App in the new age and a soft heart to guard the planet she has created.

Soul App now enjoys a huge user base, with more than 9.3 million daily active users who spend an average of 45 minutes on this platform every day. Supporters of Soul App believe that it is a product and that has the potential to introduce changes in the world and change the world it did. This app has already played a part in bringing the metaverse into reality and leading the world to a social metaverse.

Turing into a new phase of development, Soul App released its mission, which is to build a virtual playground for Gen Z. In the social metaverse created by Soul App, young people embrace changes brought by high technologies and immerse themselves in the virtual social life. As the CEO of Soul App, Zhang Lu believed that Soul App would always remain true to its first aspiration whether in real life or the virtual social metaverse. 

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